3D MID development/prototype

Contribute to product development and prototyping with 3D MID technology

JOHNAN supports you in every step of the way - from idea/design to injection molding, patterning, plating, 3D SMT and mass production in any industry. We are here to serve customers in need of prototyping even based on an preliminary idea, download the document to learn more.


1. Features and strengths

(1) Provide development support (Propose ideas)

Are there problems with your current manufacturing that require shape changes or miniaturization? 3D MID technology is transforming industrial production by patterning conductive traces and mounting components directly on a 3D housing. As one of the world’s foremost suppliers in this field, our highly specialized and experienced technicians will provide you with strong support from development to manufacturing.

Can't move forward due to manufacturing issues?
How's the strength and durability?。 How's the strength and durability?
Turn your ideas into reality!
Turn your ideas into reality! Turn your ideas into reality!
We support all the processes!
We support all the processes! We support all the processes!

(2) Smaller, thinner and lighter

3D MID technology can effectively draw electronic circuits and mount components on 3D structure's surfaces. By replacing a 2D circuit board with a 3D MID, electronic components can be mounted not only on flat surfaces (i.e. PCB, flexible circuit board) but also curved surfaces, thus this greatly reduces the limitation of installation location. Therefore, this technique adds power to the trend towards miniaturization and lightweight.

Our proposals realize (examples):

  • ▪ the integration of "a substrate + molded pieces"
  • ▪ cost-saving by reducing assembly man-hours.
  • ▪ lightweight by reducing the number of boards and wiring.

(3)Empower new level of design freedom

3D MID allows conductive traces and components to be installed on the housing depending on the shape of the product, empowering new level of design freedom.

2D mounting 3D mounting

2. Specification

Minimum thickness0〜0.1(mm)
Minimum through hole (T/H) φ0.2(mm)aspect ratio:10(2-shot)
Platingsoldering: Cu/Ni/Au=5/3/FLASH; wire bonding: Cu/Ni/Au=8/10/0.3(μm)
Dimension accuracyGeneral tolerance ± 0.02 (mm)
Solder heat resistance270℃ × 30sec〜(LCP)
Plating adhesive strength≧0.8Kg /4mm2

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To those who want to learn more about MID process and molding materials download

3. Manufacturing process

Below is the basic 3D MID manufacturing process

3D MID process (example) 3D MID process (example)

3D MID process (example)

[Surface roughening state]

Surface roughening state

Improve the adhesion of plating by roughening the surface of resin.

4. 3D Surface-Mount Technology movie

The process of 3D MID by our mass production machine will be introduced in detail with the video below.

5. Events

As a leading provider of 3D MID technology, JOHNAN actively participates in various activities in its practice of society.

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