3D MID prototype for mass production/mass production

JOHNAN contribute to product development and prototype with 3D MID technology

JOHNAN supports you in every step of the way - from development, prototyping to mass production in any industry. We are here to serve customers in need of miniaturization, reducing weight, design changes as well as many others, download the document to learn more.


1. Features and Strengths -3D Mounting technology-

(1) 3D mounting on up to 5 surfaces with mass-production machines

Accurate positioning using lasers and cameras, solder applied by dispensers, all of these enable components to be mounted on up to 5 surfaces.

Automatic conveyor
Mount while rotating the product

(2) Micro chips down to 0402 can be mounted

High-density packaging of 0402 chips can be achieved and this mounting density is not inferior to a planar board.

(3) Can be mounted on curved surfaces

Mounting chips on a curved surface is possible because solder is applied by dispensers, which was difficult using previous methods.

mounting on a curved surface with a 3D mounting machine

Mounting on a curved surface with a 3D mounting machine

(4) Low-heat-resistance material chips can be mounted

Low heat resistant materials can not pass through a high temperature reflow furnace even after coated with solder paste, but we use conductive bond to realize 3D mounting.

Coating device

Coating device

(5) Impressive quality

We supply high quality products with mass production machines. Furthermore, we support reliability evaluation, including reflow heat resistance test, high temperature and humidity (85℃ 85% )test, cold and heat shock test, etc.

2. Services

We DO possess mass-production machines for 3D mounting with which to support your mass production.

(1) Products covered by our services

Developed products, prototypes, mass production prototypes, mass-produced products (any industry)

(2)Minimum SMT chip

3D: 0402; 2D: 0201

(3) Mountable component size

We will respond flexibly to your needs.

3D mounting

3D mounting

Substrate form 3D mounting Printed (2D) board mounting
Chip size 0402~ 0201~
Work height ~8mm
Work size (H1mm~8mm):Max.L42mm x Max.W70mm
(H8mm~28mm):Max.L42mm x Max.W54mm
Max.L1,240mm x Max.W510mm
Mounting accuracy ±40μ ±40μ
Pitch width ±80μ ±80μ
Remarks A composite product that integrates 3D mounted components and other parts/boards -

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* In addition to the above, we can also support other cases, please feel free to contact us.

3. Processes

We provide supports throughout all processes - from 3D MID consulting, design, specification design, production, to plating, and 3D mounting. 3D MID concepts can also be formulated from sketching level. please feel free to contact us no matter you have the needs for SMT or not.

flow flow

4. 3D Surface-Mount Technology movie

The process of 3D MID by our mass production machine will be introduced in detail with the video below.

5. Advanced activities for 3DMID

As a leading provider of 3D MID technology, JOHNAN actively participates in various activities in its practice of society.

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● Press & articles

Press & articles

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● Research & Development

Research & Development
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● Challenging 3D MID SMT - Nation's first! A platform from prototyping to mass production with 3D-MID surface mounter in Japan.

JOHNAN has been providing EMS services for many years. Our extensive expertise helps our customers address the unique needs in various industrial areas, such as ship control and other highly reliable SMT mountings.

JOHNAN is promoting a full-fledged 3D mounting business as we have realized the whole process automation from prototyping to mass production with 3D mounting machines.

Credit to our 2D mounting technology accumulated for more than 20 years, our 3D mounting technology reveals almost limitless potential.

Printed board (2D) mounting technology and know-how

Printed board (2D) mounting technology and know-how