Announcement of Business Alliance with Triple Ring Technologies, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a business alliance agreement with Triple Ring Technologies, Inc. (President: Mr. Joseph Heanue, hereinafter “Triple Ring”) today. Details are as follows:

1. Purpose of Business Alliance
With this business tie-up, Triple Ring, which has extensive research and development experience for US medical devices, and JOHNAN, which has considerable experience and expertise in the development and manufacturing of medical devices in Japan, will cooperate to create a new synergy, meet diverse customer needs, and commercialize high quality medical devices.

2.Overview of the Alliance Partner
1) Company name: Triple Ring Technologies, Inc.
2) Established: 2005
3) Address of head office: 39655 Eureka Drive, Newark, CA 94560-4806 USA
4) President: Joseph Heanue
5) Business activities: Triple Ring is a leading research and development firm, working effectively across the development process in medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, life science tools, and imaging systems.

3. Future Outlook
The medical device market is expected to grow as the health care demand continues to increase and becomes diversified.
Further increasing the works and business opportunities for both companies through the alliance, we aim to revitalize the medical device industry and promote competitiveness by designing and prototyping devices that meet the needs of the user and/or patient in US where leads the world's medical technology, manufacturing in Japan where high medical standards are required, and bringing them to the global market.

Please join us to welcome Mr. Peter Howard (Senior Vice President, Triple Ring) who leads Triple Ring's strategic approaches around international partnering, to JOHNAN as the new Director!


Hajime Yamaguchi