Startup Factory Business Grant

Startup Factory Business Grant

JOHNAN is pleased to announce that it has been selected as a grantee for "Global Venture Ecosystem Acceleration Grant (for Startup Factory Business)", a government grant provided by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI).

This grant program enables manufacturing organizations, top companies and SMEs to form necessary environments within their facilities so that they can provide support for hardware startups to overcome challenges of manufacturing and go beyond the “Valley of Death”.

Through the program, JOHNAN is planning to provide the following support:
1. Technical advice and support for prototyping with appropriate tools
2. Testing and experimental facilities for robotics system integration
3. AI programming development and implementation to the production process
4. Business model consultation through organizing meet up events and pitches
5. Office spaces for domestic and international startups

JOHNAN has been matured over the decades offering contract manufacturing services for clients in various fields and industries to provide solutions and improve production efficiency. As recent activities, JOHNAN has rapidly accelerated its movement toward the global market through the international partnerships and alliances (i.e. Realtime Robotics, a Boston startup developed an innovative chip for high-speed robots, and Triple Ring Technologies, a leading research and development firm for medical devices in Silicon Valley).
With the manufacturing expertise and its unique management system, JOHNAN will support business growth of entrepreneurs across the globe and build a startup ecosystem in Kyoto.

For more information, please visit the website here (Japanese only).


Maki Itakura