Announcement of Business Alliance with Palo Alto Insight

Startup Factory Business Grant

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a business alliance agreement with Palo Alto Insight LLC (CEO: Tomoe Ishizumi, hereinafter “Palo Alto Insight”). Details are as follows:

1. Purpose of Business Alliance
Through this alliance, Palo Alto Insight, which has an access to a specialist network of over 200 data scientists and engineers in Silicon Valley and experience in providing support for organizations by promoting the use and development of AI, and JOHNAN, which has considerable experience and expertise in the development and manufacturing of hardware products from prototyping to mass manufacturing in Japan, including design for manufacturing, will cooperate to create a new manufacturing ecosystem that can allow hardware startups to cross the “Valley of Death”.

2.Overview of the Alliance Partner
1) Company name: Palo Alto Insight LLC
2) Established: 2017
3) Address of head office: 555 Bryant St. Suite 816, Palo Alto CA, 94301, USA
4) CEO: Tomoe Ishizumi
5) Business activities: Founded in 2017 by ex-Google and ex-Apple engineers, Palo Alto Insight provides consulting and solutions focused on solving real world problems applying cutting edge data analytics and machine learning techniques. It takes a holistic look at clients’ products and strategic initiatives, and determines the best way to deploy AI systems in order to maximize clients’ ROI.

3. Future Outlook
In the product development process, a hardware startup which even has the most promising ideas may encounter daunting commercialization challenges and a nearly impassable “Valley of Death” between promising concept and viable product before transferring to production.
In order to bridge this gap, we will provide support for hardware startups to achieve efficient and strategic product launch, utilizing IoT technologies and advanced data mining techniques Palo Alto Insight has.
The ultimate goal for this alliance is to expand Silicon Valley’s technologies and know-how not only domestically but globally as well, while playing an important role as a part of next-gen manufacturing ecosystem.

For more information, please visit the official website here.


Kumie Miyazaki