Mission & Vision


On the basis of a spirit of liberty, equality and fraternity,
we build a society in which our children can live in hope

Whenever he needed management decisions, Matsuo Yamamoto, the founder of JOHNAN Corporation, had dialogue with customers, partners, and employees, prayed, made decisions, and implement the decisions, following the words of the Bible. The spirits that were consistent in the processes of management were liberty, equality and fraternity. We inherit the spirits and make them universal, and challenge ourselves to create a society which is rich in both material and spirit for our children so that they can live with hope for their future.

JOHNAN Phoenix Vision 2025

To become the best partner for our clients through our “Monozukuri” and
“Kotozukuri” process that we take pride in

In order to pursue the mission above, we have set three objectives as our vision by 2025 as shown below:


Keep improving efficiency of our customers’“Monozukuri”(*1) and “Kotozukuri”(*2)
through the contract manufacturing business including development,
manufacturing and maintenance services, and help them
by suggesting and executing the best solutions for them. 

(*1) Monozukuri: Japanese manufacturing style; the process of converting something
into goods that meet a customer’s expectation or specifications
(*2) Kotozukuri: value creation / story creation


Develop and create our original products and services related to healthcare
(e.g. medical care, pharmaceutical, nursing care, and health),
environment and safety (e.g. energy saving, automation equipment,
waste-water treatment, and recycling), and biotechnology
(e.g. biology, agriculture, forestry and fisheries, food processing, and food). 


Enhance the management foundation
(e.g. human resources development, corporate culture, compliance and ethics,
corporate governance, transparency of business management, financial structure, and R&D)
which is essential for achieving 1 & 2.

Through all three objectives, we hope to be the customers’ first choice.
Let us contribute to society where our children can live in hope, with full of
proud work in “Monozukuri” and “Kotozukuri”!